Sunday, 6 March 2011

MEGA UPLOAD! last couple of weeks

well weve been super busy, going saffron walden on the regs after work
last week we got aloud of shit poured at the work the parks coming along nicely, also some prick stole all of our tools on thursday night except for the shovels so we had to move like 4 tonnes of krush, which is dirt, rocks and shit! not stoked!
iv also fucked my knee pretty hard skating at the greenich hip where i hit like a thousand little stones every 5minutes, even managed to scrap my face down one of the pillars got a photo of my knee which is in pretty bad shape.
because im at work 5days a week now not really had anytime to draw or paint which is bumming me out abit but i did manage to make a stencil of leslie nielsen and finished a painting on a little bit of scrap wood which im hyped with!
got a few little stencils which im gona print on to tshirts as soon as i get a silk screen and the time! hopefully soon! also got a loud of stuff from my favroite company and the truest skateboard company out there, consolidated!
anyway enough talk for now heres some photos!

now get out and create something!

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